Basic Acne Solutions

Acne can appear on your neck, back and even on the most delicate parts of your body, but nothing is more annoying than facial acne. Having acne can be really annoying especially if you do not know what acne treatment to use. It is absolutely important to find the right treatment. But what is more important is to know what acne really is. That is the most important step in finding the right acne treatment. So before I spill the beans, let’s discuss how acne is formed.

Acne is formed from an oily substance called sebum. Sebum is produced in your sebaceous glands to help clear out the dirt from your pores. At normal amounts this can be helpful however, when excess oil is produced, you pores gets blocked. The bacteria will then utilize this oily substance to multiply and cause an inflammation. This is where acne starts.

Basically without your natural defenses, you would not experience the signs and symptoms of acne. Your body releases hormones that will help concentrate the defense mechanisms of your body on the site of the bacterial overgrowth. Your pores will swell and you will notice red bumps, sometimes with pus on the site of infection.

Some of us have very sensitive skin and some products designed to fight acne cannot help. As a matter of fact, some of these treatments can aggravate your condition. Because of this, I personally recommend natural remedies for acne. These treatments are 100% safe to use and they do not produce unwanted side effects that can trigger the worsening of your acne. Aside from the fact that these products are safe to use, you can actually save a lot by choosing these treatments over commercially prepared acne treatments. It may take several weeks, about six to eight weeks, to see significant results. However, these treatments can nonetheless help you manage your acne condition.

Some of my favorite acne treatments include lemons, honey, egg whites, papaya and rose water. Depending on your skin type, you can combine these ingredients to create a one-step treatment to fight off acne and reduce the signs and symptoms of your blemishes. The key is to use these treatments regularly. No matter how good your treatment is, if you lack the discipline and the willingness to work with it, you won’t be able to control your blemishes effectively. Another cool tip, before using the treatment, it helps if you wash your face with warm water. This will help loosen dead skin cells and also opens up your pores.